What is in the Keurig Descaling Solution? Quick Ans!

A sip in the fresh coffee cup can make the starting of the day better. Fresh coffee comes out of a better machine-like Keurig. Every device needs to be taken care of. So as our Keurig.

Two agents are available in the market. One is Keurig descaling solution, and the other is white vinegar solution.

In this writing, let’s look at the ingredients that the descaling solution is made of.

What is in the Keurig Descaling Solution?

Coffee is our regular friend in the morning or evening. Our day starts with a fresh sip of fresh coffee in the morning. So, naturally, Keurig is our daily and reliable friend in our everyday life.

You can use Keurig in your home or office as it gives you the best brewing system at a reasonable price. But this Keurig also gets stacked with different minerals and chemicals that need to go under descaling.

Here I will present a Keurig descaling solution that helps you cleanse and remove mineral build-up from inside your Keurig brewer.

You should descale your brewer every 3 months because minerals get built up inside your brewer. Regarding the Keurig descaling solution, the first question that comes to our mind is about the composition of the Keurig descaling solution.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients used in the Keurig descaling solution:

Name of ingredientsPercentage
Citric Acid50% to 55%
Water40% to 45% 
Silicic Acid2% to 4%
Bleaching & Phosphates Agent4% to 6% 

How to Descale Keurig with Vinegar?

Descaling Keurig means to cleanse your brewer from mineral build-up. To prevent bacteria, germs, and mold, descaling is important. Besides the Keurig descaling solution, vinegar can be used as a descaling agent. In a line, you can clean Keurig by running white vinegar and water through Keurig.

Let’s grab the process of descaling Keurig with white vinegar:

  • Before starting the descaling, you must turn off your machine. After that, it’s time to empty Keurig’s reservoir of water as well as you must remove any filter that happened to be there.
  • Next, fill the machine halfway with water and half with white vinegar. Fill your tank with the solution of vinegar and water. Turn on the machine and hit the cycle button to let the solution drip into the cup.
  • While making the solution run through your Keurig, ensure that every part is rinsed properly to avoid a vinegary taste in your brewer. Depending on the level of dirt, you may repeat the descaling process two or three times. You may run three cycles of clean water to remove the vinegary taste from the Keurig.
  • The parts of Keurig that can be removed include a drip tray, water tank, tray, coffee pot holders, etc. are cleaned properly. Wash the water tank and the drip tray to eliminate mold and coffee oils using mild-warm water and soap.
  • To clean the exterior area, use a paper towel or dish sponge; you can wipe down the outer part of the machine. While cleaning, be careful of mechanical and electrical areas. More importantly, allow the water tank to air dry to reduce fuzz accumulation.

How to Make a Homemade Descaling Solution for Keurig?

Keurig must be cleaned within 2/3 months. This is because germs, bacteria, and mold built up within Keurig which is very harmful to health.

So here I am going to show you two methods that can help you to prepare a descaling solution for Keurig sitting in your home. Let’s start:

Firstly, we know descale is composed of acid that removes oils and dirt inside the coffee machine. So in this method, we will use some Citric Acid to make a descaling solution. Citric acid is a very much available product in the supermarket and reasonable to buy.

  • For making this solution you must take 10 grams or ¾ tablespoon of citric acid into a jug. Mix the citric acid with one cup of hot water.
  • Hot water is given to dissolve the citric acid and water. After mixing, fill the jug with cold water until the water becomes 1 liter in the jug. This 1-liter citric acid and water solution is enough to descale the Keurig. 

In the second method, we will use vinegar instead of citric acid.

In this solution, we will use ½ of the jug with vinegar and the rest of the ½ with water. This will also act as a descaling solution, but it is cheaper than the previous one. But, you must be more careful while using vinegar solution. You must clean twice or thrice with clean water to avoid the vinegary taste from Keurig.

Keurig Descaling Solution vs Vinegar

The cleaning process may seem a burden, but it is necessary, and you can’t just deny cleaning your brewer. Descaling Keurig not only keeps your coffee’s taste better but also keeps the brewer years to come.

Water minerals, calcium, lime scales, germs, and so on are eliminated from Keurig by descaling. You have already been informed about the efficiency and ingredients of the two cleaning agents. So, how can you choose the right one!

Let’s talk about it:

As for the descaling solution, it is a bit expensive but more effective. Besides, apart from the descaling of Keurig, you can use the solution for other purposes like cleaning kitchen items, water heaters, etc. So, though it costs extra money, it is pretty safe for you, Keurig.

The vinegar we use in cleaning the coffee machine is white vinegar. In our kitchen or supermarket, white vinegar is the very available product. It will cost you less dollar from your pocket. Apart from white vinegar, other vinegar may cause harm to the machine.

So, when choosing any one of the processes, it’s better to experience both. Experience will let you take a good decision on choosing between white vinegar or a descaling solution.

FAQs: Related Question

Q1. Is Keurig descaling solution toxic?

Keurig descaling solution is used to cleanse the built-up minerals and dirt from the Keurig coffee machine.

As it is a matter of our food item, health safety is the first question to be focused on. While talking about Keurig solution, it is made of different acids like citric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, etc.

If you only descale your machine with this solution, then it is okay, but if accidentally some of it is ingested into the stomach it may cause some irritations. Swallowing descaling solution may cause nausea, gastrointestinal irritations, etc.

Also, it is toxic when you use it without mixing it with water. Diluted Keurig descaling solution is less toxic. 

Q2. What is the Keurig descaling solution citric acid concentration?

The main ingredient used in descaling solution is Citric acid. As the solution is acidic, the maximum part of it is made of acid. Citric acid is an organic acid of weak molecular formula.

In Keurig descaling solution. 50%-55% citric acid is available. This solution will help remove the oils, dirt, built-up minerals from the Keurig machine.


Mineral built-up. Oils, germs, and bacteria are harmful to our bodies. Long-time use of coffee brewer can develop these materials in the machine. Keurig is one of the best brewers for home or office. So, every 2-3 months we need to clean it. Descaling a solution or white vinegar, whatever it is, we must keep our brewer clean for a tasty and healthy cup of coffee.